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CVE-2016-1531 Exim MTA Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

Version Git tag ——————————— Exim 4.84.2 exim-4_84_2 Exim 4.85.2 exim-4_85_2 Exim 4.86.2 exim-4_86_2 Exim 4.87 RC 5 exim-4_87_RC5 (It’s an updated version of 4.8{4,5,6}.1, fixing minor portability issues for *BSD and OS/X). The known download area contains packed tarballs. The tarballs for fixed older versions (4.84.2, 4.85.2) are below the old/ directory. Every tarball and […]

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CVE-2016-0800: DROWN OpenSSL vulnerability / SSLv2 disabled

OpenSSL Security Advisory [1st March 2016] ========================================= NOTE: With this update, OpenSSL is disabling the SSLv2 protocol by default, as well as removing SSLv2 EXPORT ciphers. We strongly advise against the use of SSLv2 due not only to the issues described below, but to the other known deficiencies in the protocol as described at […]

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